Meet the Post-Doctoral Trainees & Graduate Students

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    Assistant Professory of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, and Research Health Scientist

    Brain pathology has always been an incredibly interesting topic for me. Specifically, I am interested in brain inflammation and the cells involved in those processes. This propelled my early interest and PhD research in better understanding how brain inflammation occurs and finding new ways to potentially limit damage. In addition to my research, I’m a life-long athlete and martial artists. I’ve wrestled through high school and college and have also achieved a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. This has led to my fair share of head trauma. My history in sports in combination with my scientific interests drove me to seek out and work with Dr. McKee at the BU CTE center. Through this work, I hope to identify new ways to treat and ultimately cure damage done through head trauma.


    Post-Doctoral Trainee

    Depression and suicide are devastating issues that contribute an enormous amount of suffering. However, trying to reverse engineer how these originate in the brain is tricky, and we need to look for clues wherever we can. Some of these might come from studies in cases of CTE, in which pathology in specific brain regions might hint at what sort of brain regions and phenomena might be involved in mood regulation, depression, or suicide, as well as how to target future treatments. The hope is that research like ours might help depressed or suicidal individuals, both those with CTE and those in the rest of the population.   


    Graduate Student

    I started working for the McKee lab in order to better understand the causes of depression and other mood and cognitive changes in neurodegenerative disease. By studying depression in CTE, I hope to help find better ways to prevent and treat depression in both CTE patients and the population at large.



Graduate Student

I’m an MD/PhD student at Boston University. Before medical school, I received my BA in biochemistry from the City University of New York-Baruch. I’ve always had a vested interest in pathology, with my prior research background primarily in forensic pathology and public health before joining the lab.  Working with tissues and histology in the investigation of CTE is a fantastic combination of many of my interests in medicine, such as epidemiology, neuroscience, and cellular biology.

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