Ann McKee, MD

I started out as a clinician, completing medical school at Case Western Reserve University and my internship and residency in Internal Medicine. Along the way, I became fascinated by the brain and brain disorders.  I completed a second residency in Neurology at Cleveland Metropolitan General Hospital under the leadership of the extraordinary Maurice Victor, MD, a truly exceptional neurologist, who taught me the deep intricacies and mysteries of nervous system disease in his inimitable and entertaining way. During my third year of Neurology, I studied under Betty Banker, MD, a world-renowned neuropathologist, who also happened to be Dr. Victor’s wife. Dr. Banker introduced me to the fascinating world of neuropathology and taught me how neuropathology can explain a patient’s behaviors, clinical signs and symptoms. I completed a clinical fellowship in dementia at the University of Massachusetts but my love for neuropathology led me to take on a third residency in Neuropathology at Massachusetts General Hospital under the extraordinary neuropathologists, E.P. Richardson, MD and E.T. Hedley-Whyte, MD. It was during their weekly clinico-pathological case conferences at Massachusetts General Hospital that I interacted with two other giants in neurology, C. Miller Fischer, MD and Raymond D. Adams and learned how the study of neuropathology expands our understanding of the human condition.

I am deeply grateful to all my exceptional mentors for shaping my life and my career. I am board certified in Neurology and Neuropathology. I began practicing as a full-time neuropathologist in 1989. My superb training in neurology and neuropathology combined with my insatiable curiosity to better understand human disease has led to my success in medicine, neurodegeneration, Alzheimer’s disease, and more recently, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.