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Ann McKee, MD

I started out as a clinician, completing medical school at Case Western Reserve University and my internship and residency in Internal Medicine. I became fascinated by the brain and brain disorders and completed a second residency in Neurology at Cleveland Metropolitan General Hospital under the leadership of the extraordinary Maurice Victor, MD. During my third year of Neurology, I studied under Betty Banker, MD, a world-renowned neuropathologist, who also happened to be Dr. Victor’s wife. Dr. Banker introduced me to the fascinating world of neuropathology and taught me how neuropathology can explain a patient’s behaviors, clinical signs and symptoms. I completed a third residency in Neuropathology at Massachusetts General Hospital under the extraordinary neuropathologists, E.P. Richardson, MD and E.T. Hedley-Whyte, MD. It was during their weekly clinico-pathological case conferences at Massachusetts General Hospital that I learned to appreciate how neuropathology expands our understanding of the human condition.

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