Brain Donation

One of the most effective ways to advance research and find a cure for CTE is through brain donation. Our research is focused on understanding the long-term effects of concussion, subconcussion, blast exposure and other forms of head trauma on the nervous system. We want to better understand how CTE begins and how it progresses to become a severe disease. We want to better understand what symptoms CTE causes. We want to better understand military-related injuries, particularly blast exposure. We want to better understand how head trauma is associated with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).  We want to better understand the effects of head trauma on women. We want to better understand who is at risk for CTE and what genes influence this risk.


Anyone who experienced repetitive head trauma is eligible for the study, including. athletes, military personnel, individuals who suffered multiple falls or domestic abuse, among others. The identity of donors is kept strictly confidential and protected at all times by IRB rules and HIPAA laws.

In addition to brain donation, also consider the donation of spinal cord, eyes, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and/or blood, as spinal cord donation will help us discover new insights into ALS and the donation of eyes, CSF and blood will help us find ways to diagnose CTE during life.

Brain donation is a precious gift that will help to ensure the future health of military veterans, contact sport athletes, and others who have experienced head trauma. It is a way of giving back and helping others who will follow. 

Frequently asked questions


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Contact Us

For urgent brain donation matters, please call the BU CTE Center's

24/7 voicemail/pager: 617-992-0615


For general brain donation inquiries, please call during normal working hours, 9 am - 5 pm EST M-F, or email.


Evan Nair : 617-358-5996 or



Madeline Uretsky: 617-358-6027 or





For questions regarding your Brain Donation Registry Card, please contact Kelly Dean of the Concussion Legacy Foundation at 857-244-0810 or KDEAN@CONCUSSIONFOUNDATION.ORG